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Dissolving a marriage marks the beginning of a very significant life change, but it doesn’t have to be a devastating one. At the office of Julie Katz Callaway, P.C. in Birmingham, I have been helping clients with their divorce proceedings for over 20 years. You can count on my untiring effort to help you achieve your goals.

Determined Alabama lawyer assists clients with uncontested divorce

At least one spouse has to have been a state resident for six months to file for divorce. While a divorce may be based on fault, more common no-fault divorces only require one spouse to claim there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. For those who wish to bypass courtroom proceedings and mutually agree to end their marriage through an uncontested divorce, I assist with the process by making sure that all legal requirements are met and that issues involving alimony, child custody and child support are resolved.

Proactive advocacy during the equitable distribution process

As a trusted advocate for hundreds of divorcing spouses, I have gained extensive experience and knowledge of Alabama divorce law regarding equitable distribution, where property obtained during the marriage is to be divided fairly, but not necessarily equally, among both parties based on the financial situation of each spouse and other factors. This can include property such as:

  • Bank accounts
  • Stocks
  • Furniture
  • The marital home

If one spouse accumulated debt over the course of the marriage, then that debt is also treated as joint property and therefore both parties become responsible for it, regardless of who incurred it. Should one party file for bankruptcy, they will no longer be required to repay it, but creditors will retain the right to seek compensation from the other party.

Issues involved in the distribution process can quickly become complicated, but a legal advocate committed to protecting your rights and interests can help find successful solutions.

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An accomplished attorney can prove invaluable when legal disputes impact your family. At Julie Katz Callaway, P.C., my extensive experience handling issues in family law courts since 1997 has helped my clients in north central Alabama achieve desired results. If you require assistance with any issue affecting your family, please call my Birmingham office at 205-206-6143 or contact my firm online.

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